Celebrities andHover Boards

The Hover Board craze has taken over the world which more on this site apparently does not exclude the Hollywood celebrity circle. Main stream celebrities such as Justin Bieber and Wiz Khalifa have been on the Hover Board train since the get go.

In a way this can be considered as one of the reasons the hover board craze got its kick. It helped them become a luxury item which is possibly the most in-demand thing in the recent years. Everyone wants to be a part of the hover board movement, to be shoulder to shoulder with icons such as Jamie Fox and Usain Bolt. Because who wouldn’t want a little taste of that luxury life. Celebrities such as the sprousebros have such strong endorsement of the product that they themselves are now hover board retailers. Many other celebrity business now sell hover boards and why not? Who wouldn’t want to get in on the business while it’s at its peak. Another interesting thing to come out the Hover Board craze is their incorporation in to different sports. Although not professionally at this point, there is a whole niche of spots developing around them such as hover board hockey, football, polo, backed ball etc. This makes you question how far will the hover boards go. They seem to be here to stay for good and make their place into everyday lives and activities. From top tier celebrities to a normal 14 years old, hover boards have unanimously been accepted by us as a society. One can only wait to see what more will come out of this.

Posted on July 23, 2019